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PC Requirements
WinCNC Manual


Plasma Cutting
Knife Cutting
Laser Cut/Engrave
Vision Registration
2D/3D Digitizing
Other Applications

Custom Parametrics
We have developed several custom parametric software packages over the years. Our ability to develop this type of custom software adds value to machines which use the WinCNC control software. We can setup about anything in the terms of a simple user interface, and can import DXF drawings, spreadsheets, or any other custom data format to increase productivity and to reduce the amount of decision making required of the machine operator. Or applications with many input variables can be created to put as much control as needed into the hands of the person who is actually operating the machine. The ability to support marking heads, barcode scanners, label printers and other types of peripheral devices can also offer a significant advantage to customers.

Because of our years of experience in the CNC industry our development/licensing fees are very competitive with what other software companies would have to charge to create these types of applications. WinCNC is very versatile and customizable which also facilitates our ability to develop custom applications that communicate directly with the control software.

A few examples of custom applications include:
  • WinFence Post and Rail Program
  • WinStair Stringer Program
  • WinBarCode Barcode Reader Program
  • Ceramic/Fiberglass Program
  • Hinge Program

If you are interested in having custom parametric software designed for your specific needs please contact us.