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PC Requirements
WinCNC Manual


Plasma Cutting
Knife Cutting
Laser Cut/Engrave
Vision Registration
2D/3D Digitizing
Other Applications

Phone Training and Assistance

We use a licensed screen sharing program called TeamViewer to provide you with live technical assitance or training at your CNC machine. Internet access by wired or wireless connection is required.

30 days of access to online/phone support is included with every retail purchase or upgrade of WinCNC. Our technicans will assist with every step in the process of installing, connecting, configuring, and running your CNC equipment with WinCNC. Assistance with CAD/CAM programs that are not sold by MicroSystems may be limited. We have free post processors available for a number of commonly used CAD/CAM programs, and our technicans will have some knowledge of how to install and use them. We offer several CAD/CAM programs for sale with online setup and training included. Our goal is to assist each of our customers in getting their CNC equipment into production as quickly as possible. It may not be possible to fix some issues, like mechanical or electrical problems, through software. However, we will make every reasonable effort to help no matter what the issue may be.

If you have a question or run into a problem after the first 30 days just email or give us a call. We are always happy to take a few minutes to answer a question or assist one of our customers. In some situations more than a few minutes may be required. Maybe you have made modificaitons to your machine and need to reconfigure WinCNC or maybe you have a new operator that needs training. We can schedule some additional online/phone support for as little as $100 for a two hour session.

Online Resources:

  • FAQs - The FAQ section is to be used as your first step to troubleshooting any problem that you may be experiencing.
  • HOWTOs - The HOWTO section is also a great resource for learning how to get the most out of WinCNC from configuration for your specific machine type to making the most of WinCNC's advanced features.