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PC Requirements
WinCNC Manual


Plasma Cutting
Knife Cutting
Laser Cut/Engrave
Vision Registration
2D/3D Digitizing
Other Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to reseat your daughter board to your PCI card and restart WinCNC.

There is most likely a problem with your DAT file. Please contact us for support.

Check your G92 and Tool Offset Indicator for blue and/or green boxes.
If these boxes are present then this would explain why your positions do not display 0.

Refer to the manual "REF: LIM_CNT"

Check for noise problems on your limit switches.

Please refer to our manual "REF: LIM_MODE"

  • Change slot in which your PCI card is placed
  • Disable any unused devices in your BIOS setup

  • Check your resolution:

    Start in the lower left hand corner of your machine and move the axis right 1 inch and set local to 0. Command a distance to move then take a measurement.

    Accurate resolution = (Command Distance/Actual Distance * Current Resolution)

    Replace the current r# on the axisspec line for the texted axis with the accruate resolution

  • Check your backlash:

    Set up a stationary dial indicator. Jog slightly into the dial indicator and set the dial to 0. Command G1 L91 X.5 to jog .5 inch away from the dial indicator. The distance from 0 on the indicator represents the actual amount of backlash to the be represented by displaying a B followed by the value on the axispec line of hte tested axis.

  • Electrical or Mechanical issues:

    Please contact us.