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Plasma Cutting
Knife Cutting
Laser Cut/Engrave
Vision Registration
2D/3D Digitizing
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Scanvec Amiable is the recognized global leader enabling the professional graphics industry in creating innovative and cutting edge displays. Scanvec Amiable offers Complete and Professional Solutions for Sign Making, Digital Printing , Machining and Engraving industries.

All EnRoute packages purchased from MicroSystems World CNC will include a free WinCNC Controller post.


  • EnRoute Basic
    • Enables you to produce amazing 2D routing and engaving tasks. It includes routing, milling tool offset, toolpath veritfication and drill functions.
    • Don't just output, design and output all within EnRoute
    • Save time. Associative Toolpaths keep an active link between the toolpath and the geometry, automatically recalculating accurately any time the geometry is changed (i.e. scale, resize, rotate).
    • Use Templates to utilize elements saved from previous jobs to simplify the design-to-production process.
    • Simple, not Simplistic. EnRoute 4 combines state-of-the-art technology with tools you can quickly learn, master and operate.
    • Avoid costly mistakes. EnRoute's rendering lets you easily preview your job before you send it to the router, potentially avoiding costly mistakes as well as wasted time and material.
    • 100s of posts included with EnRoute 4, to all of the leading manufacturer's machines. If by some chance you don't see your machine listed, just ask!
  • EnRoute Plus:
    • Quick Fit Nesting - Was never so easy! Just drag the object and it will automatically fit itself in the most space-efficient way, almost like the object can think for itself! The rotation and nesting parameters can still be controlled.
  • EnRoute Pro:
    • Baroque Chamfer - This tool is unique to EnRoute and allows the user to replicate an effect that is very common in hand-carved work.
    • Textures - The new textures available in EnRoute 4 provide a unique new ability to define surfaces using parameters. This provides the ability to create a virtually limitless selection of surfaces that can be saved to templates so that they are easily repeatable from job to job.
    • Relief Editing - The new relief editing tools provide a quick and simple method for editing any relief surface using tools that are similar to bitmap painting tools. This provides another powerful creative tool for relief creation.
  • EnRoute Wood:
    • This package delivers an end-to-end, seamless connection between your cabinet software and your CNC machine. It's the fastest and easiest NBM (Nested Based Manufacturing) software in the market.
  • EnRoute Wood Pro:
    • This high end package delivers the power of EnRoute Wood coupled with the ability to create 3 dimensional designs. All of these capabilities are within one product and one interface.
    • The Full Monty! The ultimate design and automation solution combining the powerful surface creation tools in EnRoute Pro with the ease of use and speed of EnRoute Wood, to create stunning and profitable output from your router.


  • Introductory online training.
  • A fully functional post processor for any standard CNC machine type.