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WinFence, Post and Rail Gcode Generator

WinFence is software designed to make plastic fencing on a CNC machine. The Fence program is similar to the Stair software. However, there is no batch-mode support for the fence posts/rails and no label printing. The customer can generate code which is automatically sent to WinCNC by filling in the parameters and pressing the run button. This software can be used with on machines ranging from single routers up to a four router machine.

Rail Tab 1    Rail Tab 2    Post Tab    Config Tab

  • Allows the user to design posts and rails, either one sided or two.
  • If two sided:
    • The second side can be the same as the first, or different.
    • The sides can be viewed, overlaid or side-by-side.
  • Displays the output on a viewer so that the user can see what was created before cutting.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Allows the user to define the post/rail materials that will be used.
  • Allows the user to define the hole configurations that will be used.
  • Allows the user to define the bits that will be used.
  • Holes can have offset (either positive or negative), alternate offsetting (to left and right), or no offset.
  • Gives the user several options as to how the post/rail will be cut on the CNC machine. From the top or bottom, normal or inverted.
  • Allows up to 4 spindles.
  • Allows the user to define the spindle on/spindle off commands.
  • The user can choose whether to use a fixed cutting depth or a varied cutting depth in order to prolong bit life.
  • Allows the user to choose alignment of post on center, left edge, or right edge.
  • After the user chooses the hole type, spacing, offset type and amount of offset, the Rails tab calculates the number of holes for you.
  • The Rails tab allows the user to define Rise and Run.
  • On Manual tab, the user can combine different types of holes, offsettings and spacings.
  • Can be set to loop (cut one post normally, move over a set spacing, and cut another post back in the opposite direction.).

Demo Download

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